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Most of the expressions in the book are a reflection of what the author predicted would happen in the foreseeable future.Debates on whether to adopt the communist ideals in the American society also motivated Orwell to express his opposition to the proposals.This paper will take the approach of an argumentative essay that will explore issues related to government control and propaganda as a tool for consolidating power.

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Analysis and Discussion The first theme that best explains the perspective of Orwell with regards to infringing the freedoms of people and society is authoritative rule.

By the time, communism gained momentum in Europe, there were differing opinions on this new system of governing.

The tactical approach used by the government in accomplishing this objective is the bone contention as seen in the book.

When a government decides to manipulate people through the mind, then it can be said that dictatorship has taken route thereby, compromising the freedoms of people (Lang, 6).

By doing this, the dominant party would lock people from making personal decisions.

In other words, the party was transformed into a power base that commanded every aspect of freedom and choices made by people.

Manipulation on a psychological basis is an example of a power control tool that would be used by the party for controlling the masses (Kellner, 9).

The rationale of these manipulations according to the book is to deprive people of independence and personal choices which are instrumental in the life of any person.


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