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And perhaps rightly so, he believed that if he left for his dream that the love would fall apart.I like to think that Fatima helped overcome these feeling by telling Santiago, “I want my husband to wander free as the wind that shapes the dunes.

And perhaps rightly so, he believed that if he left for his dream that the love would fall apart.

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And, if I have to, I will accept the fact that he has become part of the clouds, and the animals, and the water of the desert.” His encounter with the Alchemist solidifies his decision by telling him, “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.

You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense.” Santiago chooses to continue on his path.

Although the purposes and techniques were often times ritualistic and fanciful, alchemy was in many ways the predecessor of modern science, especially the science of chemistry.

The birthplace of alchemy was ancient Egypt, where, in Alexandria, it began to flourish during the Hellenistic period.

Now, ask yourself, can you recall a time where you were hungry and faintly smelled a delicious aroma emanating from the wind? Was there a sense of mystery or allure in where the smell was coming from?

The second obstacle is that of the interference of love.The fundamental concept of alchemy stemmed from Aristotle's doctrine that all things tend to reach perfection.Because other metals were thought to be less perfect than gold, it was reasonable to believe that nature created gold out of other metals found deep within the earth and that a skilled artisan could duplicate this process.In essence, life had handed him, by fate or otherwise the ability to choose.I daresay that the ability to choose is by far a welcoming feeling that we all share as human beings.Also at that time, a school of alchemy was developing in China.The writings of some Greek philosophers may be considered to be among the very first chemical theories, such as the theory that all things are composed of air, earth, fire, and water.Each of these were represented by different elements, such as sulfur, salt, mercury, and, ideally, gold.Other ideas held by alchemists were that each of the known elements were represented by heavenly bodies.It is these obstacles, namely disinterring the legend as briefly described above, the interference of love, the fear of failing, and the fear of realizing their dream, which can be used so as to personally connect your own life to the story.As we explore the first obstacle of disinterring the personal legend, the verb “disinter” is quite telling and brings an instant depth to the underlying principle that after years of life, our personal legend can be buried.


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