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Many researches that study these issues were carried out abroad and many underage drinking essays were written.

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Influenced by alcohol a teen literally becomes blunt intellectually as well as emotionally.

Additionally, insufficiently mature teen brain forms faster alcohol addiction.

This mixture, except alcohol, supplies into the body of a teenager excess amount of calories.

Very often in such cans contain caffeine that negatively affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Teenagers start drink alcohol in more early age and they become addicted faster than adults.

This teenage drinking essay is devoted to the problem of alcohol abuse by adolescents.Teenager becomes very receptive to infectious diseases, and not only colds.Among teenagers who drink regularly, many of them suffer from urinary tract and kidney infection, also chronic inflammatory respiratory diseases, which are often worsened by smoking.The results of the experiments on animals and people volunteers show that even one small dose of alcohol can break the brain chemical mechanism, which is responsible for learning.Later it provokes thinking retardation, breaks development of the moral and ethical standards, some abilities can disappear.The adolescence is characterized by the fact that young brain under the age of 20 years has different reaction from the brain of a grown up to the information it receives. It is at the stage of establishing real connections between nerve cells. Even a thousand years ago distinguished physician of the medieval East Avicenna was an outspoken opponent of the use of alcoholic beverages by children.Used to say metaphorically that when children drink wine it is the same is someone adds fire to fire or puts dry wood in the fire. The influence of alcohol on teenagers is stronger than on adults and it also affects the brain functions in future.For example, in the United States 91% of 16-year-olds in the state of New York consume alcoholic beverages, 92% of boys and 85% of girls under the age of 14 years occasionally drink alcohol, in Canada, about 90% of pupils of 7-9th forms drink alcohol.The main reasons that motivate teenagers to drink alcohol are presented in the table compiled from data of the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol Problems.Scientists discovered that drinking under the age of 20 years leads to alcoholism in almost 80% of cases.It turns out that developing young body 6-8 times faster gets used to the alcohol, than organism of an adult, that is why teenager becomes alcohol addicted faster.


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