Alternative Energy Essay

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This is best put up on agricultural land or grazing areas to save on land.On densely populated areas with developments, this would not be possible due to limitations of a suitable location and space.

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Tidal power is produced through tidal stream generators or by barrage generation in which energy created by tidal generation is more environmentally friendly with less impact on ecosystems.

This works by tidal stream generators spinning under water with the help of the fast moving intense water.

Recently solar energy usage is on the rise in residential areas, rural areas where people use solar panels since it’s economical.

But on the other hand, it might be unreliable depending with the location, position and environment surrounding the cells.

Solar cells notwithstanding apparent scientific improvement in the last few decades still haven't reached the levels of high efficiency.

A standard photovoltaic sect has competence of 15%, which means that less than one-sixth of the sunlight reaching the cell actually generates voltage.

It’s effective on cost, reliable and also environmental friendly but restricted to areas near tectonic plate limits.

Green vehicles refer to vehicles with low or no emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere hence environmental friendly.

Though it emits greenhouse gases it’s more cleaner and safe compared to diesel and others.

Furthermore, in case of a leak, it’s lighter than air and disperses faster.


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