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You might be surprised at some of the things about you that the medical schools might find impressive or at least interesting. Elaborate on activities, medically related or otherwise, that provide insight into your character and personality. Requests for these come in the fall (often several within a week) when you have many other demands on your time so getting prepared early is smart. Read up on the particular institution on their website and/or their printed literature. Check with us since we can provide you with specific information based on our visits to the school or feedback from Clark students. Check with us to see what significance to attach to your having received a request for a secondary. Generally follow the same guidelines as for the personal statement itself but do not just repeat what is in it. Feel free to use material that you could not fit into the personal statement or that covers things that have happened since you wrote the AMCAS application.

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Just like the essays on an undergraduate college application, the medical school personal statement is your chance to show who you are beyond the numbers.

Your unique personality traits, experiences, and personal qualities can set you apart from similarly qualified applicants.

Begin right in the middle of a narrative about one of the events you’ve decided to write about (that led to your career choice and demonstrates relevant personal qualities).

As you write about these events and experiences, be sure to use specific details.

In fact, finding other ways to highlight your qualities and interest in medicine can help you stand out.

why these statements are true through describing major events that inspired you and made you want to become a physician.

It will help form a complete picture of who you are as an individual and who you may become as a physician. Your personal statement must clearly and convincingly convey: Although a personal statement isn’t the same as a formal essay, it’s important to stay on topic.

Admissions counselors will look for evidence of positive personal qualities, consider your communication abilities and professionality, and try to gain an understanding of your genuine voice and personality. Keep these goals in mind to ensure you don’t wander too far from the true purpose of your essay.

Second round applications are different for each school and may involve answering several essay questions.

For many of those questions, you can apply the same principles and tips we’ll share here.


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