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I have been tutoring for the last five years and specialize in a variety of subjects at the middle school, high school, and college level - from Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics to Psychology, English, and French.

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My favorite subject to tutor is physics because I can tailor my example problems to the student's interests.

In the past, I created football related questions for a student who was on the football team. ..bachelor's degree in secondary education at Wayne State University, majoring in math and minoring in physics.

Since then, I've been working as a chemist, teacher, and tutor.

I'm currently working on a Masters Degree in Teaching.

Outside of tutoring I enjoy outdoor activities, including rock climbing, mountain biking, and walking...

...degree in Chemistry from Brigham Young University.During my travels, I often take photos of the food I eat, the scenery, and anything interesting that catches my eye.I also enjoy cooking, baking, and eating the food I make! ..with homework, but during high school I was able to get involved in programs that traveled to elementary and middle schools to tutor in after school homework help programs.During these small breaks, I attempt to converse with them on topics outside of academics, such as hobbies, interests, current events etc.; so this way, I can try to build a more personal relationship with them. Besides tutoring, I'm a pretty big nerd with a passion for the arts.Literature, film, music, ballet, video games, I love 'em all, and I love a good conversation.I aim to provide a framework for success in future academic endeavors by building up a set of skills and strategies for dealing with novel problems. I am firmly of the belief that learning a technical subject like chemistry, physics, or math is much like learning a foreign language: listening and reading is much easier than speaking and writing.In my free time, I enjoy reading, dancing, spending time with my large family, exploring new places, and wandering my favorite corners of San Francisco. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of believing that if you come to class and understand what the instructor is saying, you don't need to practice the material.I also promote notecards to study as it improves retention of information.I am a very outgoing, friendly, and patient individual.I have always been very interested in math, how logic-oriented it is and how it applies to almost everything in the real world.Aside from school I enjoy travelling, playing tennis, reading, and watching football on Sundays.


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