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In the first story Emily was seen to have been brought up in a wealthy background in the south which brought about some clear view of discrimination especially when the author states that it was not an easy occurrence for Emily to accept charity as this would have lowered her class or stature in the society.It was also evident when the author brought the picture of how impossible it would be for Griersons especially from the north to have had her hand in marriage as that would be some sort of abuse to their stature (Dickson, 94).

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Emily, the main character in the story underwent different life advances from belonging to a very wealthy family background, both through character and stature to the loss of the father that brought a new character to Emily, which was different from what people had already known before.

In the initial part of the story, Emily’s societal stature was clearly presented in which people believed was of the high class family.

It was however very important for us to understand that even though the two different authors used different plot structures in their writings, the main objective of plot development in the stories which was to bring a clear understanding to the reader on the sequential unfolding of events had been achieved.

The author introduced the story with Sammy trying to play the good man part.

This later shifts though within a very short time, to a state in which the good practices he did, land him into problems that kept his future uncertain on what next would befall him (Updike, 737).

Setting The setting too of the stories occurred on very different grounds as could be seen in the two different stories.In a rose for Emily, one theme that could be deducted was that of racial discrimination.Emily being from a rich and wealthy family was seen not to be associated with things that were of the poor or those that were lower in their class.In the other story Sammy’s Abrupt Behavior at the: “A&P”, a unified plot was used by the writer, Updike to the unfolding of event that took place in the story.The story happened within a very short period of time in which many different events occurred that left a defining moment for the future life of Sammy.Setting is the place and time under which the background of a story is developed.It may have involved looking at the characters, events surroundings as well as their occupations.That then ended when the future of his job hang on the balance.Conclusion From the above essays, it was very clear that the authors had used very different styles in how they developed their stories. The author however made clear the occupation of Sammy who was a part-time cashier at a grocery store near the beach from where most of the people who come to the beach especially during summers could book for accommodation.Theme Theme which is another important aspect to be looked at in the two stories is the fiction that controls the insight of the whole story.


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