Apollo 13 Leadership Essay

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Always be in control of yourself and remain in the moment.After attaining some great accomplishment, some men are content to rest on their laurels and live out their days basking in the residual glow of that success.Kranz was only 31 years old when he became NASA’s Flight Director.

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Today we no longer try for new and bold space achievements; instead, we celebrate the anniversaries of the past.

The stagnation of the space program over the past decade has done nothing to ameliorate these feelings. And I think everybody up there (from the Apollo-era NASA contingent) will express pretty much the same thing.

Additionally, Kranz’s flattop haircut was a staple of his appearance.

Whether consciously or not, Kranz’s cultivation of a unique image served to make him one of the most recognizable men in the space program.

His will to honesty, purpose, and perfection are the heart of this man’s lesson to us all. Pay close attention to his unequivocal sense of personal accountability and the clarity of his demands that he and those who will work under him will hold themselves to only the most exacting standards.

Whenever we ask a group to give examples of teams that performed exceptionally in difficult circumstances we can almost guarantee that the teams which worked on the Apollo 13 Mission will come up.

Kranz, as Flight Director, had the responsibility of understanding what his men were telling him and figuring out how to keep the crew safe and the mission on track.

He was also tasked with keeping his men focused on their jobs, ensuring that he and his team fulfilled their duties efficiently and correctly.

Kranz is thinking clearly, and his voice does not betray any fear or sense of panic that he might be feeling.

Being this kind of anchor in the storm gives those around you the confidence to stay level-headed too.


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