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Alternatively, if you are not currently looking for a position, notify your Associate, who will archive your file for a short period of time and reactivate you when the new recruiting cycle begins in August.

Position-specific This type of letter is written directly to a school or principal about a specific position you’ve seen advertised (i.e.

Writing a cover letter to a school takes careful consideration of tone, formatting, and content.

It is part of your overall first impression to a school.

Because you are not using this letter to apply for a specific position, you do not need to mention your interest in a particular school or district.

However, you may want to mention your preferred grade level if you feel strongly about the grades you are interested in teaching.

An application letter should be personable and revealing.

It should also maintain a level of professionalism.

Do not rehash your resume points or brag about every award, high grade or internship. These events may be changes to your personal belief system or something less literal than an actual incident.

Make notes about how you felt, what these experiences meant to you and why they relate to your decision to attend the college to which you are applying. Start by describing the event, personal change or idea that you will discuss.


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