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Mardelle Shepley Architectural Design Factors Of Domestic Violence Shelters That Affect Outcomes For Female Domestic Violence Victims: A Naturalistic Inquiry To Establish Grounded Theory For Future Research Ahmet Ugursal - 2010: Prof.Charles Culp Thermal Comfort under Transient Metabolic and Dynamic Localized Airflow Conditions Combined with Neutral and Warm Ambient Temperatures Alethea Bair - 2009: Prof.Mark Clayton Contemporary Strategies for Sustainable Design Kiyoung Son - 2012: Prof. Paul Woods Regression Model Predicting Appraised Unit Value of Land in San Francisco County from Number of and Distance to Public Transit Stops using GIS Hyojin Kim - 2012: Prof.

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Mardelle Shepley Usability of Outdoor Spaces in Children's Hospitals Pasquale De Paola - 2011: Prof.

Frances Downing A Question of Method: Architettura Razionale and the XV Milan Triennale of 1973 Edelmiro Escamilla - 2011: Prof. James Smith Investigation of Project Management Planning Practices for Renovation of Historical Buildings in Urban Contexts Located in Texas Laura Prestwood - 2010: Prof.

Andrew Seidel Architecture in the area of terror: design and perception of security of two societies Mini Malhotra - 2009: Prof. Mark Clayton Studio Education for Integrated Practice Using Building Information Modeling Tom Mc Peek - 2009: Prof.

Jeff Haberl An Analysis of off-grid, off-pipe Housing in Six U. Robert Johnson Collaborative design pedagogy: a naturalistic inquiry of architectural education Young Jun Park - 2009: Prof. Paul Woods Predicting the Unit Appraisal Value of the Unimproved and Private Land in the City of Houston by LEED Sustainable Site Credits Zhe Wang - 2009: Prof. Susan Rodiek Nearby Outdoor Environmental Support of Older Adults' Yard Zhipeng Lu - 2009: Prof. Liliana Beltran Development of a Method for Recording Energy Costs and Uses During the Construction Process Arsenio Rodrigues - 2008: Prof.

Mardelle Shepley Design for the frail old: environmental and perceptual influences on corridor walking behaviors of assisted living residents Althea G. Phillip Tabb The sacred in architecture: A study of the presence and quality of place-making patterns in sacred and secular buildings Carlos Nome - 2008: Prof.

Robert Johnson Pre-Programming: Evaluation of Workspace Types and Workspace Alternatives in Educational Settings Irina Solovyova - 2008: Prof.

Robert Warden Urban-Architectural Design After Exile: Communities in Search of a Minor Architecture Xiaodong Xuan - 2012: Prof.

Mardelle Shepley Exploring the Effectiveness of LEED Certification in LEED Certified Healthcare Settings in Climate Zone 2 and 3 Chamila Subasinghe - 2011: Prof. Eugen Wagner Rebuilding for Sustainability: Spatial Analysis of Bolivar Peninsula after Hurricane Ike Qing Xing - 2011: Prof. Ergun Akleman Graph Rotation Systems for Physical Construction of Large Structures Serra Akboy - 2011: Prof.


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