Argumentative Essay Of Penalty

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It has continued as a form of practice among many states today though a lot of them have banned it (Burkhead, 2009). The big question is whether death penalty is justified even though it has been in existence for many centuries.

The answer is a big no because killing a person does not really solve any purpose.

This is why many states had their own laws with respect to death penalty even after several rulings from the Supreme Court.

In 1972, or example, the Supreme Court emptied the nation's death rows by declaring all the existing statutes with respect to death penalty as unconstitutional.

During the 1700s, many philosophers and writers began to argue.

When the nation became independent, different states began to have their own laws for death penalty.

Introduction Death penalty is an age-old punishment where a crime is punished by death.

There were death penalty laws that existed from the times of ancient Babylonian period and the mention of this practice has been recorded in many books and inscriptions.

Death can be never be an appropriate punishment for any crime simply because the society does not give the criminal a chance to get any kind of retribution.

When he or she is made to live for the rest of their life in a small room, there is a higher chance for them to atone the sin they committed. For those who argue that death penalty will be a deterrent, it is not true either.


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