Argumentative Research Paper On Animal Testing

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Then there are those opposed to animal testing because they believe it involves the torture and suffering of innocent animals (Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), 2011) Who does animal testing affect?

Then there are those opposed to animal testing because they believe it involves the torture and suffering of innocent animals (Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), 2011) Who does animal testing affect?Animal testing affects everyone in the modern world today. The testing is performed so that there is a better understanding of what reactions drugs may have, so that we can figure out which drugs help which diseases, as well as observe how certain drugs affect conditions such as pregnancy and other side effects they may cause like cancer.

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on animal testing I have come to realize my personal view has now changed since the start of my research.

Before undergoing heavy study into animal testing I believed that all types of animal testing should be stopped, but now I believe that the idea is very beneficial and should only be done when the rights of the animal are considered.

Animal testing should be allowed because any means used to advance treatment of human diseases should be available to medical researchers. "The Animal Welfare Act Protects Animals from Abuse in Scientific Research." Animal Experimentation (2013): n.

Many medical advancements have been made possible due to animal research.

My purpose for this subject is to let people think twice about buying a product, or hopefully helping put this inhuman testing to an end. The history of animal testing goes back to the writings of the Greeks in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.

Argumentative Research Paper On Animal Testing

Aristotle (384-322 BC) and Erasistratus (304-250 BC) were among the first group of people to perform experiments on living animals. This is the most detrimental aspect of animal testing.There are many names, animal testing, animal experimentation or animal research, it all refers to the experimentation carried out on animals.Its main purpose in why it is used, is to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics.Some groups and organizations claim that animal testing is cruel and provides little insight to the effects of treatments on humans. However, researchers claim that animal testing can provide critical data that leads to the improvement of disease treatment in humans. We also use it to help find a better understanding of how the human body works.Supporters believe it is a necessary practice and obliteration to animals for our bettering and the deaths of the animals are well worth the cause.These experiments will often lead to death or unwarranted consequences for the animals involved. But they did void out research on People that do not agree with animal testing should volunteer ... Testing should be allowed to be done on a small percentage of animals and the human being tat want to ...Some projects are funded for decades by the siphoning of the US taxpayers dollars and resulting in cruel treatment and deaths of an unfathomable number of animals. they do not like the use of animals they would have to use humans for testing. About 47% of research grants have an animal research-based component according to NIH, National Institutes of Health, and documents.Animal testing main support is from those people that believe the animals in our world today, are a close link to humans, and therefore allow them to be tested to see what effects drugs, products, or foods have on our society.A second opinion humans have, is that animal testing is a cruel and inhumane, torturous act, and should not be done to anyone or anything, no matter what the benefit might be to the human species (Contributor, 2012).


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