Art History Essay Monet

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Impressionism was based on light and the subject that was being painted or drawn.

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(The worst case scenario is that they say no.) Most importantly: Remember, the analysis of historical events is subjective.

He was a bohemian artist, the leader of the Impressionist movement, as well as politically and socially, and in his old age a recluse at Giverny (Lallemand)."His scenes shimmer, like memories.

They are single, fleeting moments, reminders of life's beauty and transience, " John Berger about Monet (Chew). Monet was born on November 14, 1840, in Paris, and he moved with his family to Le Havre on the Seine estuary in the 1840s.

His father Adolphe joined a wholesale grocery business and he made enough profit to lead a comfortable life.

Monet's mother died in 1857 and Monet spent much time with his aunt who encouraged his artistic inclinations, unlike his father.


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