Assessing Student Writing The Self-Revised Essay

Assessing Student Writing The Self-Revised Essay-90
Ask students to grade themselves after you’ve already graded their essays and haven’t shown them the grades. If they’re not, you know you’ll have to provide some more direct instruction before jumping into the process.

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As a parent of two young boys, I find myself wrestling with two opposing forces: I stop and consider the impact that my life and parenting style will have on my sons.

But I also know that too much coddling and structure will backfire — as it apparently has for my generation, Millennials.

And because so much of reflection often happens internally, our students may lack the language or patterns of thought that are required in order to successfully reflect.

Fortunately, we can model this process as we do with many other intellectual process.

Writable provides the scaffolds and supports that students need to begin self-assessing. Ask students open-ended questions about both their writing process and product.

Assessing Student Writing The Self-Revised Essay

Some sample questions to use for nearly any assignment are: Once you and the students get comfortable with reflection and begin to see it as a valuable part of the learning process, then you may be more comfortable in allowing students to self-assess and you may be more confident in its validity as a method of improving student writing and thinking.

Funny enough, this is the same dichotomy that I face as a writing teacher: how do I stay accountable for helping my students improve, without “holding their hands” too much?

And how do I provide a learning environment that encourages student autonomy, equipping kids with the skills of self-monitoring and goal setting that are required for success in college and life in general?

I pretend that I’ve written the essay, speak using “I,” and explain the process of reviewing expectations, reviewing my work, coming to a conclusion, and planning next steps.

Quantify and limit the scope of the self-assessment task.


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