Believing History Latter Day Saint Essay

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Smith, the recipient of dreams and heavenly manifestations in the 1820s, dictated to scribes the translated text of a holy book he said had been engraved on gold plates by an American Indian historian about a.d. The six-hundred-page Book of Mormon was published in the spring of 1830.

The Latter-day Saints church, as it is more accurately called, was intended to be a restoration of the primitive church established by Jesus and his apostles....

The religion was originally founded by Joseph Smith in the early nineteenth century.

He first started of with very few followers but quickly many people started to come round to Smiths way of thinking.

The book contains a promise that states that whoever reads it sincerely, ponders its contents, and asks God if it is true will receive knowledge by the power of the Holy Spirit.... In 2007 there were over 13 million Mormons worldwide, there are approximately 6 million Mormons in the United States.

[tags: christianity, Latter-Day Saints, doctrine] - Introduction How does Mormonism, more formally known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, compare to Biblical Christianity. Mormonism is “the fastest and most successful cult in the history of the United States…an average (increasing) rate of 300,000 converts a year” (Ridenour 130)....

[tags: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] - Worldwide, there are 14.1 million Mormons with 28, 660 congregations based in over 176 countries (“LDS Statistics and . As seen in recent events, people believe that Mormons are not Christians.

However, Mormons are Christian based on their church’s name, scriptures, and teachings.

The man who founded the Mormons was Joseph smith a son of a poor family in Vermont.

Joseph smith claimed he saw a vision of an angel in 1823 called Moroni.


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