Berkeley Haas Essays 2012

This essay prompt allows the admissions team to understand ‘what makes you tick’ up and beyond what they’ll glean from your academic record and work history.

Given that you only have 300 words, the maxim to ‘show not tell’ is critical here.

You want to bring the reader on the experience with you so they can smell, taste, feel and connect to whatever it is you’re describing – what it felt like to summit that mountaintop and peer into the volcano’s smoky belly, or the felt experience in a devotional act of creation that erased any sense of time.

In phrasing this question, Haas is looking to see that you’ve really done your research, up and beyond the cursory website review.

You only have 300 words, and you’ll want to get specific, not speak in generalities on how its guiding principles resonate.


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