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We can also extend these applications to coordinate the ambulance according to the traffic status.We have used Raspberry Pi and Camera to monitor the traffic in real-time and upload the report to the traffic control officer’s panel.Projects are itself a very important part of education System.

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In order to gain knowledge, students must build themselves some practical circuits related to their theoretical topics. You can control the movements of the robot by pressing the buttons on the keypad.

Therefore, every engineering student can achieve more practical knowledge by doing project works, such as Mini and Major projects. Have you ever listen to the keypad sounds of your old phones not of today’s age but the old one(like Nokia 3310). You will find that the sound by pressing different keypad is different not same . You can also make it wireless communication by connecting one phone with DTMF module and calling it and pressing the according buttons.

It’s the best project for a beginner to start with . APP send the signals to Bluetooth module which is given to the micro-controller(Arduino) . Arduino gives the output to a relay module which switches the the state of appliances connected to relay ON/OFF.

It helps student to get to know about following technologies and stuffs:- What is a micro-controller,how it works. The only limitation of this is that the range of Bluetooth is limited maximum it is around 30 meters.

https:// Io T technology spread its wings to the Medical sector to save many lives.

The aim of developing this project is to monitor the health condition of a person anywhere and send the information to a specialized doctor to check up. We developed a project using Wearable sensors with solar harvesting and Bluetooth low energy transmission that creates a wireless body area network (WBAN).Here i gave a list of projects for ECE students which will give you knowledge about the subject and current trends of industries. Have you seen 3 idiots its the the drone that rancho makes in that movie. It increasese your knowledge of different fields like aerodynamics, Electronic Speed Controller ,types of batteries,frame designing and many more different problems that you face during the projects. It uses Bluetooth as a communication device between appliances and the user.It’s obvious that there is no need to work or make projects on technology that is very old (like which is used in 90s ). This home automation system basically takes the user input from user mobile through an android app.If a engineer is not able to build something that can solve some real world problem . Many universities/colleges have some projects in their curriculum but some don’t have.As an engineering student I recommend you to make at least one project every semester ,it may not be a very big project but that’s OK.Using this project you can detect the heartbeat, Blood pressure, hemoglobin content, etc., All these reports can be used for analyzing a person’s health.https:// As the population increases the effort on Traffic is also increasing.Whenever a vehicle need to be parked in the parking slot you can check the status of the available slot on a web page and place your vehicle there. https:// Every living organism needs food to live, We cannot imagine life without Irrigation.If everything gets automated even irrigation systems also need to be.https:// With the increase in usage of vehicles, Parking space is very difficult to find.we need to use the human effort to check where to park our vehicle.


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