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That’s all going to go to waste now because, when you take the AP biology Essay questions all of that stuff your English teachers taught you, complete and utterly useless. My students on the AP test, they are typically scoring one or two points higher than the national average on the essay questions. And if you know how the game is played, you can do a lot better. Now, the one thing is, you cannot have an outline or bullet points it must appear from a distance if somebody was looking at your paper wasn’t actually reading but looking at it from a distance it needs to at least appear to be and essay.And part of that is because I’ve sat down and I have analyzed how do they grade these essays? Similarly, I don’t really like some of the guys who grade the AP exam. You need to have sentences and don’t forget that you have verbs now and then. During the ten minutes when you’re reading the question you can jot down ideas that’s fine but when you start writing your answers it needs to be in sentence form.Well that’s one reason to stay away from absolutes. Another reason to avoid these absolutes, like never and ever, is that, when you’re writing about something.

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Don’t say photosynthesis only happens during the day, photosynthesis only happens at night. One thing you can do is avoid absolutes on that photosynthesis one.

If you say in stead of saying photosynthesis only happens during the day say, typically photosynthesis only happens during the day.

As I tell my kids shot gun it or just vomit up all of the information that you think might apply.

The one thing you need to be careful of yes they don’t take off points for being wrong unless you directly contradict yourself so be careful about that.

Use these model essay question responses to prepare for essay questions on your in class tests, as well as the IB Examination, Paper 2.

These questions have appeared on recent IB examinations, exactly as shown below.Sometimes they’ll give you a point just for mentioning things like that.Because, a lot of kids I’ve seen some essay questions, where 30 to 40% of the people don’t even attempt or answer.Next up if you draw any pictures make sure you show them exactly what you mean.You have to refer to those diagrams in your essay because doodles they won’t pay attention to, but what you do is you draw and you label it.That allows you to give yourself a little but of a cover to protect against any reader who happens to know nitty-gritty details that might say well what if such and such happened?Because there are some plants that do a weird form of photosynthesis where they actually do some portions of it during the night time.Then you say as you can see my diagram to the right if you’re going to be talking about DNA for example and you just want to draw the Double Helix?Go ahead and say DNA has a Double Helix shape as you can see in my drawing to the right and maybe label it DNA Double Helix.Essays on the other hand, you did start working on how to write an essay maybe in fourth or fifth grade.Then junior high your teacher started banging over your head, “You need to have an introductory paragraph and three body paragraphs and then a conclusion.” Many of you are taking AP English right now, and they’re really hitting you with how to have smooth transitions and restate your thesis statement and all these other stuff.


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