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Protected individual study time is provided for students in a booked computer room, to allow students time to concentrate on writing their dissertations.During this allocated time it may also be possible for students to meet with their project supervisors.With every passing hour numerous and continues advancements and improvements are being made to the world of technology, and it is no hidden fact that technology has played a vital role in the improvement and evolution of biomedical science and has led to new techniques to combat disease and health problems that were previously impossible to be treated.

The subject matter can be drawn from any area of medicine, medical related, management of resources, clinical governance, biomedical science including tropical disease, history of anatomy, anatomy procedures, providing there is suitable and sufficient reading material available, and a member of staff is available to supervise in the chosen area of study.

Students choose their topic from a suggested list in consultation with the module organiser and other members of staff at the start of the academic year. The written dissertation will contain an adequate introduction to the analysis of the outcomes.

In addition to that, you will also need to mention which school of though you follow or are a follower of.

Do mention clearly the objective you desire to achieve with this research.

You shouldn’t mention more than three objectives otherwise your proposal will be deemed weak.

In the end, I would be concluding by saying that these are the things that you should consider and include in every proposal because it will help in giving weight to your proposal and make it an effective one that will lay the foundation for the rest of your thesis.the display items are of poor quality and/or not supported by captions.Category C (50%-59%): Fairly well conducted research showing an understanding of the purpose of the work and its relation to the progress of medical science.The School of Biological Sciences is a world leading research institution and is committed to communicating the relevance of our research to the public, research sponsors and collaborators and industrial partners.This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work.The written dissertation is well written with adherence to marking criteria.The display items are of medium quality, not self-designed and supported by partly incomplete captions.Any story needs a good background, and the same is the case with a dissertation proposal.You need to tell the reader the background of your study and why did you choose the topic and the key areas you are interested in.Category B (60%-69%): This category indicates that the student has applied expertise and imagination to the conduction of the work in a well document manner.The hypothesis is illustrated, the research need is explained, conclusions are supported by evidence. There may be limited evidence of original thinking and wider reading.


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