Branches Of Government Essay Questions

Branches Of Government Essay Questions-66
Map the Constitution by representing the percentages from the table in a visual form on Handout 1.Using different colors for each of the Articles and the Preamble, color in the squares to represent the percentage of the whole Constitution that is dedicated to each article.

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Pairs of students will be given a copy of one document from a selected list.

Students will carefully read and inspect the document to determine which Big Idea is represented within it.

This lesson asks students to explore those ideas and apply them to current issues. Constitution Background information on Founding Fathers (online) Copies of primary sources 4 Handouts Answer Key (Activity 1&4) Grades 8 - 12 American history; U. government; Civics limited government, republicanism, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, Founding Fathers The time needed to compete each step of this lesson is presented in parenthesis at each step.

What is the significance of the Six Big Ideas in the Constitution historically and for Americans today? The lesson can be done as a whole or each step can be done separately (except Step 4 which should follow Step 3).

Studying the Founders themselves can aid in understanding the government they created.

Many of the Founders knew each other before the Constitutional Convention and were able to draw on their personal relationships when trying to garner a consensus for specific proposals to be included in the Constitution.

They will then post the document under the corresponding Big Idea on the board or wall.

After all pairs have posted their document, the pairs will each take a turn describing their assigned document and explaining three clues in the document which support their determination of the Big Idea illustrated within.

There will be multiple correct answers for each Big Idea.

Each group will share their examples with the class.


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