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By the end of Act one we see a side to Marco that has not before been seen.

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The heart of conflict in Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge is the struggle to reconcile the array of conflicting social, moral and legal laws to which an individual is bound and to determine which of those deserves one’s primary allegiance....

, a work set in the late 1940s, as he became interested in the Italian immigration at the Brooklyn docks.

He is a free agent who wants to become an American citizen.

From the beginning of the play we see that Marco and Rodolfo have very different character traits and characteristics.

It could be said that Marco fits the typical Italian stereotype, strong with dark hair and skin, with his main priority being his family.

Rodolfo however is not, as he has blonde hair, and this shocks the characters (especially Catherine) first impressions of him when he arrives, as Catherine says wondrously, “How come he’s so dark and your so light, Rodolfo? What is the distinction made between tribal and American law? What elements of the play allow the audience to sympathize with Eddie? Characterize the relationship between Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine. How does their relationship reflect on the American family in a general sense?An example is Mike’s summary of him when talking to Eddie, “Well he ain’t excakly funny, but he’s always like makin’ remarks like, y’know?He comes around, everybody’s laughin’.” So in the play Marco is seen as a hero and Rodolfo is seen as a comedian.” Although at the end of Act one Marco’s actions lead us to the discovery of a violent side, which Marco uses to defend his honour.Marco becomes aggressive by silently threatening Eddie by lifting the chair, but his rage is driven by his duty to his family, due to Eddie making a fool out of Rodolfo in front of everybody by asking him to box, and then hurting Rodolfo.Fascinated by the life of Pete Panto, a longshoreman who challenged the work of the Mafia, Miller...The opening of a play is naturally one of its most important parts, serving as an introduction to its setting, characters and themes; the best openings also encapsulate both the intentions and style of the playwright.Compare and contrast the personalities, behaviour and attitudes of the two brothers in A View from the Bridge.To what extent is it fair to say that they exchange roles in the course of the play?


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