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I was lucky enough to be born in a time and place where society values my talent, and gave me a good education to develop that talent, and set up the laws and the financial system to let me do what I love doing — and make a lot of money doing it. After 25 years of buying and supervising a great variety of businesses, Charlie and I have not learned how to solve difficult business problems.

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We’ll look at some of the best and what sort of audience can get the most out of them.

lays out all the rules of thumb Buffett uses in his investing and walks the reader through them with case studies out of Buffett’s own portfolio.

More importantly, the book shows a side of Warren Buffett that is often overshadowed by his portfolio performance.

Buffett is a great manager This is a Buffett book that really isn’t about Buffett, although he is one of the main characters.

Above the maelstrom of analysts, commentators and private investors stands Mr.

Buffet, a man of resolutely simple tastes, who oozes old-fashioned decency from every pore.

If you read all of the above and still feel that you haven’t absorbed enough Buffett, then you have a problem. These two Buffet biographies are thorough looks at the life and times of Warren Buffett.

Lowenstein’s book slants a bit more to the facts, while Schroeder's book was written with Buffett’s cooperation.

These include well-known rules like buying businesses you understand and ignoring Mr.

Market, as well as some deeper lessons drawn from the real-life investments the Oracle from Omaha has made.


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