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Teens are affected everyday by bullying on social media; this form of bullying, called cyber bullying, has become more of a dilemma within the last 10-15 years as technology continues to advance and more and more people start to use these social media sites.

Scott Meech states that, “this form of harassment is worse than physical bullying because it subjects the victim to humiliation from a large audience, since embarrassing pictures or taunts are typically spread throughout a peer group.” He explains more by saying that, “vict...

[tags: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological abuse] - There are many ways an individual can be harassed and bullied, that others don 't take encounter.

In many cases the bully does not have a clue of how horrible the consequences can be, and still decide to make fun of others.

Suicide and violence has risen in schools because of children being bullied. What are the schools doing to protect children from becoming a victim.

Adolescent children are among the highest at risk for bullying. Bullying is a form of intimidation ( Baldry, 2010, Farrington, 2010 ): A bully may use force or coercion to gain what they want from a weaker person....Whenever an individual is accused of bullying, that’s because that individual was repeatedly humiliating a weaker person in the public.Through out the years, individuals find easier ways to harass or bully someone.One or both tear down self-esteem and self-confidence of the other.Each of these leaves a negative impact on people’s lives and can hurt them in the future.[tags: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse] - Bullying and cyber-bullying have become an increasing problem in the schools.Everyday there is more and more stories on the outcome of what can happen when a person becomes a victim of bullies.Before explaining why people bully, defining what a bully is, would be a helpful tool to know what bullying is.Bullying could be considered as purposefully taking control over someone through verbal abuse and physical abuse....Bullying in school is a major concern, not just for Americans, but internationally.Some of the negative influences of bullying are depression and anxiety in students, which is causing them to become drug addicts.


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