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Thus, the truth is this: A performance-enhancing floor plan is the culmination of detail and data. In this day and age where artificial intelligence and machine learning filters into just about everything, it’s difficult to understand why there is still a belief that you don’t need to consult data when building a floor plan. That’s because of the simple fact of what you can do with data at your disposal.

More importantly, there are no shortcuts when it comes to building your floor plan. For one, you’ll know which of your categories are popular and thus highly-trafficked.

Because as soon as you do, you’ll find out the truth.

Below are three such There is a perception that when it comes to building a floor plan, you don’t need anything more than a high-level version. Not that it’s difficult to understand where this rumour originates.

While data is vital, you need something else to leverage it.

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That’s where specialised retail floor planning software comes in. If you’re not using specialised software, the chances are good that you’re using Excel or a similar program to build your floor plan.

That said, the first thing you should do after hearing a rumour is to confirm it for yourself.

That includes researching the topic on your own and cross-referencing what you’ve found with different sources.

This space is divided up according to the overall sales contribution for each of your product groupings. That’s because any discussion will result in a conversation about multiple goals. These objectives are: When it comes to answering the question about whether a floor plan is worth implementing, let alone worth building, you only need to look at the financial and practical benefits. By re-evaluating your As we noted in the previous section, a well-built floor plan shouldn’t only strive to meet one specific objective.

When it comes to any discussion around floor planning, one of the first questions to ask is about its purpose. A floor plan shouldn’t only attempt to fulfil one aim. As a side note, the benefits below also speak to the objectives of pleasing your customers and making you more money. In that sense, your floor plan should allow for your different product groupings to grow.


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