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Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a clothing line.

The bureau of statistics stated that employment in the U. apparel manufacturing industry has declined by more than 80 percent () over the past twenty years. Labor productivity also more than doubled over that period in U. textile mills and nearly doubled in footwear manufacturing sector as well.), it became pretty much easier to produce clothes en mass.

Technology indeed is responsible for opening up the clothing industry.

Designing clothes can be conveniently done with the aid of software, and a designer can reach out to the world market by putting up his products (clothes) for sale online; Instagram, You Tube et al are good platforms to promote this type of business.

When it comes to clothes, there is no restriction to the market demography; the market for clothes cuts across male and female, young and old and just everybody on planet earth.

Statistics has it that in 2010, American households spent an average of $1,700 on apparel, footwear, and related fashion products and services.

In the 2010 alone, the global market for textiles made from organically grown cotton was worth well over billion; that goes to show how big the industry is.The clothing line industry is growing and there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their own clothing line business from the scratch and still become a globally recognized clothing brand.The advent of computer and computer software brought leverage in the clothing line industry.Recent statistics has it that an estimate of 232,000 people attend New York Fashion Week per year () and million is channeled into the New York City economy during fashion week.As a fashion designer, once your brand is accepted in any of the fashion capitals of the world, it wouldn’t be too long before you become a globally recognized clothing label – brand.Clothes are required by human from birth, until they die which is why there are clothes for new born babies and clothes used for burials.It is clearly observed that the female folks spend more on clothes than male; the average female have dresses that they spend much to buy, but never get to wear them for more than twice until they have them discarded.On the other hand, big time investors can open a clothing factory and dominate both the U. All a designer need do is to ensure that he or she carves a niche for his business, as well as work hard to build a brand name that can be accepted beyond the city of operation.The Clothing line business just like most businesses thrives on creativity, branding (The starting size of this type of business doesn’t really matter as long as the business is built on the right foundation and with the right combination of skills and talents – after all, a world renowned clothing line – Coco Chanel started from a little hat shop in a street in Paris and today they are all over the world.These cities are known to host fashion exhibitions.Designers who want to play at the global stage ensures that they exhibit their clothing collections to fashion enthusiast during fashion week in any of the cities mentioned above.


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