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To minimize operating expenses both of the principals will be onsite on a full time basis to reduce staffing costs, supervise and maintain quality control.We expect net profits to grow from ,000 to 0,000 by year three.

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It should provide a short, concise and optimistic overview of your business that captures the reader's attention and gives them an interest in learning more about it.

The executive summary should be no more than two pages long, with brief summaries of other sections of the plan.

To give your plan more visual appeal include photos, designs or site plans of the prospective business premises as well as charts and graphs of financial information such as revenue projections, etc.

The enclosed sample template is broken into sections as described in the table of contents.

Java Jake's Coffee House will be the go-to place for coffee lovers.

We plan on serving the highest quality coffee and snacks in a trendy, comfortable atmosphere.In the immediate area our competition consists mainly of fast food vendors such as Mc Donald's and Dunkin Donuts.We plan on capturing the upper end of the local coffee market by serving gourmet, non-machine made coffee products at reasonable prices.The example follows the standard business plan layout, consisting of a single document divided into several sections, including a description of the organization, the market research, competitive analysis, sales strategies, capital, and labor requirements and financial data.Business plans can be anywhere from a few pages to hundreds of pages long for large businesses.The Target Market description and Competitive Analysis portions can be two separate sections in the plan or combined as shown below: Based on our customer surveys, there is a strong demand for a high-end coffee shop in a central location that serves great coffee and has both outdoor seating and available parking.The three most common complaints about the existing competition in the area are: We intend to mainly focus on specialty coffees including espresso, cappuccinos, mochas, etc.For a relatively small business like a coffee shop, it is best to keep the plan as brief and succinct as possible (30 pages or less), especially if you intend to submit it to bankers or investors for debt or equity financing.Generally, potential money-lenders or investors don't want to spend the time reading a long, heavily detailed business plan — they are looking for solid research and analysis in a concise form.Each section of the template can be copied into a Word, Excel or similar office document by selecting the text and using copy/paste (using Windows, outline the text to be selected with the mouse, and hit CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste).Enter your business information starting with the legal name.


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