Business Plan For Dairy Farming

Business Plan For Dairy Farming-63
The selected location should be elevated to prevent from any water stagnation around the shed and it also provides well ventilation (sunlight and air).The dairy shed roof should be made with asbestos sheets and floor should be made of either bricks or cement with enough inclination.You can visit your local farms and can observe the different breed types that are suitable.

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Or Jersey with Sahiwal or Jersey with Red Sindhi is preferable for the good milk yield.

It is preferred to select the breed which produces the milk of 20 to 25 liters/day.

So total space required for 15 cows is about 120 feet x 12 feet.

However this area is not fixed and depends on cow size.

For example, if a cow yields 15 liters of milk daily then these cows should be given 6 kg of concentrate with mineral mixture.

There are three types of fodder can be provided under dairy fodder management practices.

Hygienic conditions are very important in the shed for cattle health.

When it comes to space, it is recommended to have 8 feet x 12 feet area for 1 cow.

Successful dairy farming requires a good breed selection of cow.

Select the dairy cow/cattle breed that is suitable for your climatic conditions and high milking capacity.


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