Business Plan For Pig Farming

Water is so important because pigs need lots of it.

Your land should be large enough to accommodate the number of pigsty you require for your piggery farming business. The are several issues to take into consideration when it comes to pig housing.

Your commercial pig farming business plan should include the costs of purchasing equipment and piggery housing.

To start your pig farming business in South Africa, you need breeding stock i.e.

Proximity to major road networks is necessary for easy access to your pig farm and to the market.

Your piggery farm should have reliable water supply that can be used for both human and animal consumption.

Pigs are fed with commercial piggery feeds and supplementary feeds/home made feeds.

Supplementary feeds for pigs consists mainly of grains eg maize, wheat.

Getting good quality boars and sows plays a pivotal role in producing pigs with high growth potential and good quality pork. A sow can produce as many as 9-11 piglets from 1 pregnancy – and it can get pregnant 2 times per year. Your pig farming budgets should include the costs of purchasing the pigs parent stock.

Feeds always tend to be the biggest cost in animal husbandry and so is the case with piggery farming.


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