Cardboard Letters Covered In Yarn

Be sure to trace two copies of each letter for the front and back.Carefully cut out the letters with the tool of your choice, though I recommend the Olfa craft knife from ample experience with cardboard.)These letters, which spell out the phrase LOVED ONES, will become part of my new family photo gallery wall.

Starting with the first letter, measure one side and cut the proper length from your strips of cardboard made in Step 3.

I usually measure one at a time, being sure to include the thickness of the previous piece of cardboard.

For this project, I chose Rockwell Extra Bold due to its inclusion of serifs but overall simplicity.

If this is you first time attempting to make cardboard letters yourself, I recommend using a simple font like Arial Black, which has no serifs and limited curves.

Remember that the total thickness will include the two extra layers of cardboard for the front and back of your letters, and the walls or sides of the letters will fit in between these.

I usually go with 1 ½” for my letters, but it varies with the overall size and number of the letters.- I used this tutorial to make those colorful scrap paper branches. Oh those are just some paper lanterns, tissue paper pom poms and coffee filter pom poms that I made and put up for Talia's first birthday bash. Because I like them :) They feel festive and party-ish and make me happy when I walk by them. We’ve been having internet problems, not to mention my parents are in town visiting from Australia for the first time since last Christmas, so things are a little hectic!Once you’ve completed your letters, decorate them as you see fit!I decided to paint my letters the color of the yarn I will be wrapping them in so that if there are any small gaps in the yarn, it won’t show up terribly.The other advantage of making your own cardboard letters is you can determine the exact size, thickness, font, and customize them to your liking.» Cardstock » Printer » Hot glue and hot glue gun » Scrap cardboard (preferably the flaps and sides from larger boxes) » Metal ruler or other metal* straight edge » Craft knife or box cutter (I recommend an Olfa knife)1. Be sure to minimize the margins to maximize the size of your letters.Also, remember that it is more difficult to make curved letters, letters with very thin connecting pieces, and letters with complicated serifs.If you do this, especially with a complicated one like the one pictured, I recommend labeling the sides on the base and the sides you cut with a pencil with numbers or letters so it’s easier to keep track of. Because my letters are going to hang on the wall, I went ahead and punched holes in the back base with a hole punch.These holes will be covered later with yarn, and so if I decide to use the letters without hanging them later (on the mantel or another place), the holes shouldn’t be visible. Glue the sides on, making sure to glue one adjacent side at a time to ensure a good fit. I also love monogram letters so how could I not help but combine the two? You can give ordinary objects a cool and aesthetic look simply by wrapping them in yarn and best of all this technique is inexpensive and easy to do.


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