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HSBC now uses these amazing photos throughout their internal comms – in presentations, reports, and the intranet.Not only has the bank saved money on mediocre stock photos – they’ve raised the bar for employee engagement.

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When the lovely team at Hershey approached us to help them breathe life and personality into their expanding set of internal communications channels, we leapt at the chance!

Rumours we were being paid in chocolate were sadly unfounded.

Grab a coffee, sit back and see what best practice looks like.

The HSBC Global Communications team single-handedly transformed the bank’s visual language – with zero budget and crazy time pressures. They put content creation in the hands of their people.

Effective campaigns don’t always need big budgets and elaborate design.

Making the most of available resources can also deliver exceptional results.

We loved unleashing our Homie style on Hershey’s expanding communications network.

The creative treatment was warm and friendly, with bags of character and humour.

In partnership with H&H internal communication agency, Hull combined eye-catching wall designs with employee insights to craft an immersive on-boarding experience.

Now, as team members walk from the car park, through the offices to the factory floor – they can see the corporate culture laid out before them – expressed in their own words with their own faces looking back at them. See the blades of Hull's wind turbines reflected in the graphics? Read the H&H case study for more details on the project.


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