Case Study On Student With Autism

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Lord and Mc Gee (There is need for research on the development of more specific measures of important areas of outcome in cognition, including the acquisition and generalization of problem-solving and other cognitive skills in natural contexts (e.g., the classroom and the home) and the effects of these skills on families and other aspects of children's lives.

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The aim of this study is to describe in what ways variation can be used in learning situations for pupils with autism to evoke deep understanding of activities in natural settings.

The combination of variation and structure was designed to make each pupil discern new aspects of their learning objects.

The question of why some methods seem to benefit some children, as other methods seem to benefit other children, might be possible to answer if we can find a theoretical way to explain why the methods are or are not powerful in a defined situation.

By doing this, it would also be easier to predict what kind of method or instruction is needed in new situations.

The analysis of the six participants’ learning was based on the variation theory, and focused on how variation in the learning situation had affected the learning outcome.

All six children who participated deepened their understanding of their learning objects, demonstrated by observable differences in performance of activities in which the targeted ability was included.Even if there are several studies describing how to increase ability or decrease unacceptable behaviours, it is hard to find studies with this point of departure.In most studies the behaviour seems to be in focus, and the work seems to be empirical based.By the use of a theoretical framework it is possible to predict the intention of the observed behaviour, and based on such predictions arrange instruction.If the theoretical framework really works and seems to be powerful, the child should develop in the predicted way.If they have deficits in understanding another person's intentional actions, it is hard for them to predict the behaviour of others, as well as to discern what other people expect of them. ’ answered by a ‘Yes’, but with no follow-through, is an example of such an environmental problem.When you are observing a child with autism, this complicates how to interpret and measure the observable behaviour, as you in fact do not know what it stands for.Instead, learning often seems to be identified as memorizing how to behave in restricted situations.In this article, learning is, as already mentioned, defined as new ways of experiencing the environment and more powerful acting in the environment.Lord and Mc Gee (, 90) say, ‘there is a small literature on instructional strategies designed to promote the academic performance of young children with autism’.The focus in the present study is not on academic performance.


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