Christian Education Dissertation

The thesis concludes with a discussion of the possible effects of increased regulation on these schools.

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Once we reach the boundary, we focus and we push at the boundary for a few years until one day the boundary gives way. focused on missiology, but I mainly focused on North America. candidate should strive to make original contributions to scholarship.

Basically the doctor of philosophy dissertation contributes to human knowledge in a way previously not done. I studied everything foreign missions practitioners do, but I did it in a North American context.

In other words, our objective is to cultivate a Christian paideia in students.

College preparation is not an end in itself, but can often result because most colleges are built on a Western model that reveres language and reasoning.

These interviews give a sense of what it is like to attend an ACE school, students’ perceptions of their education and its effect on their subsequent lives.

ACE promotional materials have in the past said the system is “designed for programming the mind to see life from God’s point of view”.Many participants described continued effects of indoctrination despite their rejection of ACE’s teachings.Inspection reports from ACE schools do not indicate awareness of these issues.ACE claims the curriculum is used in more than 6,000 schools worldwide, but there has so far been minimal academic research into the curriculum or students’ experiences of it.I attended an ACE school for some of my secondary education, and this thesis combines reflections on my experiences and analysis of qualitative interviews with students who were educated at ACE schools in England.CCE has deep footings that are distinct from modern schools, and even different from liberal arts or classical schools founded after the Enlightenment.There is no single recipe or formula for Classical Christian education.It is a way of educating children that developed in the Middle Ages as an outworking of classical Greco-Roman thought and Christianity.It flourished in the Reformation and thus has a rich and varied form.Many educators view school as a mechanism that delivers content using an educational method.This results in the mistaken belief that “Classical Christian education” (CCE) simply means that the content is classical and the methodology is more traditional.


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