Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay

Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay-4
While the rest of Brown’s family accepted this false diagnosis of Brown’s intellectual capacities, his mother refused to believe it.As time went on, Brown’s mother continued to believe in her son’s normal mental capacity in defiance of doctors and peers.He discovered his passion for the arts at a young age, and adapted to his disability by writing and drawing by using his left foot, the only limb over which he had control.

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The funds he received from his writing allowed him to return to Ireland to a house which was specially designed to accommodate his extra needs.

He married Londoner Mary Carr and the pair moved to different places around Ireland before eventually settling in Somerset, England.

, in which he detailed his passion for art and how he never allowed his disability to hold him back.

Mr Brown was born in Dublin in 1932 to a working-class family.

The fact that he made a coherent letter, Brown admits, was either coincidence or instinct, writing that his intent was to make “a wild sort of scribble with it on the slate.” Whatever the case, it was a transformative moment for both him and his mother.

For Brown, the moment finally opened an outlet for communication.

Though his life was cut short, his legacy continued to grow.

Eight years after his death, Mr Brown’s first autobiography was made in to a now-famous feature film which starred Daniel Day Lewis.

The disorder does not, however, generally affect a child’s intellectual function.

However, because little was known about cerebral palsy at the time of Brown’s diagnosis, the doctors advised his mother and the rest of the family that Brown was likely mentally disabled and that she should give up any hope of him having a normal and productive life.


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