Citadel Assignments

The material on all exams will come from both the lecture, web pages, and the textbook.

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C., new stude­nts leave their families behind to enter a college that's very different from most others -- The Citadel, more formally known as The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.

Once they pass through the school's gates, they leave their civilian clothes behind and don the uniform and life of a cadet in the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

Notice that you're allowed to stop the interview at any moment of the conversation and if you find her questions too aggressive you can even use a renegade interrupt (second screenshot) to... Received from: automatically after listening to a conversation between and you'll find out that Kor Tun has left his credit chit here by mistake.

Return to the group and inform them about your discovery.

One way or another, you can depart and the only difference is in the cutscene you'll see.

During the conversation, captain will ask you whether you're ready to leave the Citadel.This time he'll ask you to help him become spectre. You can do it (optionally) using charm/intimidation to gain some paragon/renegade points.The exams will contain multiple choice, and true/false types of questions.You are required to take each of the examinations in your assigned class section.Failure to do so will result in a score of zero on the exam.He wants to stimulate himself to be on top on his game, but he can't buy more stimulant, because his monthly limit is over.If your persuasion skill is high, you can end this assignment now, telling him that he's addicted.If you didn't complete some assignments here, now is the last chance to do it.All Citadel assignment which you didn't complete before (chapters ).Upperclass cadets don't address them by their first names, but by Knob - last name.­After knob parents leave, avoiding emotional displays in front of company officers, as the parental newsletter recommends, the knobs begin a year of intense military training, physical activity, academic studies, duties, discipline, emotional stress and endurance.


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