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I really liked that the essay was reviewed for structure as well as grammar.

Since 2015/16, applicants can edit their Common Application essay as many times as they would like after submitting it (in previous years a maximum of three edits was allowed).

You then need each paragraph to relate back to this and show the impact that you’ve made.

If you write about evidence and statistics, you need to be 100% certain of your facts.

For example ‘their’ and ‘there’ are spelt correctly but have completely different meanings.

Certain words although plural have a single verb which your grammar check may not pick up either e.g.Does this mean that you need to edit it for each separate College you’re applying to and create separate essays?With the amount of time and effort this will take against the benefit gained, our recommendation is that you just submit the one essay.Are you sure you have full stops and capital letters in all the right places?Have you used any commas where there should be full stops? The advice is the same as for spelling and grammar; check, re-check and ask a second person.‘the news are good’ is incorrect and should be ’the news is good’.Therefore please read and re-read your essay for spelling and grammar and ask at least one other person to read it purely to check for this.In your essay do each of your paragraphs flow in chronological order and does each introductory sentence link back to the outcomes of the previous paragraph?Is the main content of your paragraphs reflecting what you’ve introduced in your opening sentence?Editing your Common Application essay is fundamental to your application and is a necessary part of the process.It really doesn’t matter how many times you edit, it’s the final version that matters.


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