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She has been variously published for 18 years in print and on the internet. I've always loved to travel—it's something my parents have encouraged and inculcated in our family.Before I could even walk, I had been to more countries that my tiny hands could count.

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He looks so small but was already experiencing so many firsts.

He swam in the pool, touched the sand, met some of our friends and was all giggles and snuggles.

With no one to love when she inevitably hated her parents.

I imagined my childhood of endless summers alone, of always wanting more of my friends’ time than they wanted to give.

They check in with each other throughout the day like we do with them. They love our big collie dog and call him their brother. Begging on my knees for a sibling to parents and God alike, to someone who would please, please give me someone to love unreservedly, is a prayer that was somewhat answered with being given my own two children.

It’s not the moments of perfection that fascinate me about their relationship, however – it’s the funny little conflicts that I never experienced with my imaginary siblings. I saw the possibility of a sibling as the answer to a difficult relationship with my parents, which it probably never would have been.Their sisterhood can be disinterested, but it can also be fantastic.Wannabe playground bullies will quickly be chased away from little Matilda by the assertive and eloquent with the quiet fury of a small autistic whirlwind. ” is the cry to war, accompanied by ecstatic dancing. ”For me and to a lesser extent my husband, being an only child was the first step into a word where I was always wanting more from people and they were always unable or unwilling to give it.And then I had a baby and I assumed it was time to slow down.The first three months were spent in New York getting to know each other, snuggling on the couch and visiting local attractions. My husband, who is way more of a homebody than I am, insisted that it was too early for us to get on a plane with our son.I have always sung and read my babies to sleep – doing that was a commitment I made to address autistic Elizabeth’s sleeping difficulties.Once Matilda had arrived I used to stand in their room and listen to the sweet sounds of their gentle breathing. I wanted them to be the sister I always wanted and then found at 19 in my best friend. Well, with half of our family being autistic (myself and Elizabeth) we do sometimes divide into camps a little, but with four of us that is easy to do.Our first adventure as a family was such a success it encouraged us to keep doing it.Soon after, we embarked on a 12-hour overnight flight to Argentina (where I'm from) to meet the rest of my family and take a break from the winter weather. I was confident with short trips, but what about an overnight flight? Would I have a crying baby (and therefore a crying mom) all night long?Like for example the Bugaboo Ant, which is so compact when folded it even fits in the overhead compartment of most planes and is super lightweight. He slept in my arms the entire flight and when we landed we were excited with the change of scenery.Unlike any other travel stroller, the Ant also can be rolled when folded, making it easier for traveling parents to handle the millions of things they need to do when at the airport. I look back at the photos of that first trip and still get teary-eyed.


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