Common Core Math Homework

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A big part of the Common Core is learning to communicate with your peers and come up with solutions in groups.

So, why not extend that practice into the homework?

After all, when it comes to the Common Core, she's the expert!

Putting your child in the role of teacher might help her think about the material in a new way and come to a better understanding of it (or at the very least, it will help YOU understand it better so you can help her! Once you're able to get a handle on what's going on with all the new terminology, it will be easier to help your child.

The concepts themselves haven't changed (two plus two will always equal four, no matter which way it's taught) — merely the method of explaining and presenting them has.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and follow these tips to help your child with his Common Core math homework problems, even when you're not quite sure what's going on.Yes, you may have to do a little homework yourself in order to help your child with his own, but it will be worth it.Many school districts now offer Common Core workshops specially geared toward parents who want to be able to help their kids with their homework.Though it can feel frustrating when your kids have no idea who My Dear Aunt Sally i,s and yet insist that you learn something called the "forgiveness method," it does become easier with a little practice.And who knows, maybe you'll even grow to love counting up and drawing arrays!Related: Could you answer these Common Core test questions?Parents across the country are trying to make sense of Common Core standards, a set of academic expectations that call for less focus on memorization and more focus on explaining how solutions were found and, in English, a deep probe of text.When it's not just the teaching methods but the concepts themselves that feel like a foreign language, sometimes the best you can do as a parent is to keep your child relaxed and focused on the assignment.In fact, with any homework in general, experts have found that the more responsibility a parent takes in their child's homework, the less responsibility that child develops.It's one thing if you have a six-year-old struggling with number bonding.It's another thing entirely if you have an older child who is doing math you don't even remember existing.


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