Compare And Contrast Essay On Romeo And Juliet Films

Compare And Contrast Essay On Romeo And Juliet Films-13
By doing this, Luhrmann has already shown the viewer that the film is set in modern times.As soon as the newsreader finishes the prologue, a gothic requiem is heard loudly, and there is a fast zoom shot of a statue of Christ.

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In both, the clothing was from the Elizabethan era. In the play, and movie, the story took place in Vienna.

The last similarity is the ending in both the play, and movie.

Luhrmann used ‘ ’ instead of ‘&’ because it is a more modern The shot zooms in very slowly, and the TV turns on.

An anchorwoman is seen reading the days news, but instead she is reading the original prologue.

Comparison of Romeo and Juliet Movies Franco Zeffirellis ‘Romeo & Juliet’ was the most popular film in the box office in 1968, eight years after he directed it on the stage in the West End.

Baz Luhrmann created his version thirty years later, in a modern style.The first noticeable difference is in the films title.Baz Luhrmanns 1997 version is named ‘Romeo Juliet’, while Zefirellis is ‘Romeo & Juliet’.Finally, the story ends with the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet.The differences are few but noticeable, they are the characters, and scenes. Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper for Toy Theatre; Romeo and Juliet (background and surroundings removed) by Wikipedia.Baz Luhrmann has shown straight away that this is a modern adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and this film heavily involves religion, only within the introduction.Compared to the Zefirelli film, it is almost the opposite.It also goes straight into the first scene, while Luhrmanns introduces and names the characters. Introduction Compare and contrast the two 'Romeo and Juliet' films, by Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann.Baz Luhrmann created his movie in 1997 with Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes taking the lead roles.Franco Zeffirelli, however, created his film in 1970, starring Leonardo Whitting and Olivia Hussey.


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