Confidentiality Agreement Thesis

Commissioned Master’s theses are completed in cooperation with employer organisations.

Your Master’s thesis can be a marketing asset when looking for the first job after graduation.

These reports then go to the Research Degrees Committee and the Examiners' decision is considered for approval.

This article concerns all degree students regardless of whether they are studying in the new degree programmes or according to the old degree structures.

You will be informed of your viva date by your School.

After the viva takes place the Internal Examiner and External Examiner(s) send their reports to your School's Postgraduate Research Office.It is worthwhile preparing something concrete, such as a Power Point presentation, on the research plan and questions.The negotiations include three contracting parties: you, your thesis supervisor and the commissioner.Make agreements in writing It is best to agree on procedures in writing in advance.Matters to be agreed upon include: Determine in advance the employer’s objectives and expectations regarding the thesis.The Master’s thesis is primarily an academic piece of work.Your supervisor must approve the topic and the research question.The commissioning party’s expectations may differ from the traditional academic approach.To some extent, you may have to strike a balance between academic requirements and the practical expectations of the client.It frees them from guessing at the student’s special field and wondering about possible thesis topics. Contact the organisation, present yourself and describe your proposal. Prepare for the event in the same way as you would for job seeking and job interviews.It is your job to tell the employer about all of this. Make sure you know how to discuss your interests and market the topic of your research.


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