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You save money with the low prices and gain functionality with the enhanced features Jumpbooks offers.

You have the ability to search the entire text for a word or phrase, add comments, create your own bookmarks, and print on demand from your personal computer or laptop.

When an e-book is presented in an accessible format on an accessible e-book reader, the user can choose to read the book using text-to-speech, Braille, or magnification.

Furthermore, accessible e-books in an open market benefit everyone.

You will need to download a free application and have an active Internet connection.

The Course Smart App for i Phone and i Pad is available through the App Store.Amy was a longtime member of the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska.She has held several elected positions in the affiliate and now contributes her many talents to advance technology for the blind.The Course Smart App for Android devices is available through the Android Marketplace. Mainstream Access to E-Books--What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear Braille Monitor January 2012 (back) (contents) (next) Mainstream Access to E-Books--What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear by Amy Mason From the Editor: The following article was researched and written by Amy Mason, a relatively new member of the Access Technology Team that among other responsibilities staffs the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind.Ever since Amazon introduced the Kindle and built the first really successful mainstream e-book reader, more and more people are talking about, buying, and using e-books in several formats on a number of competing platforms at varying prices for many reasons: leisure, education, reference, and work.E-books are an especially exciting development for print-disabled and blind readers because their properties make them ideal for finding alternative forms of access.Can I read my Jumpbook without being connected to the Internet?Yes, if your Jumpbook is in the Course Smart digital format, you may "check out" up to three chapters or sections at a time to read offline. What if my computer crashes and I lose my Jumpbook?Jumpbooks are textbooks with enhanced functionality that are available in digital format.Jumpbooks are purchased at your local bookstore and delivered electronically to your computer via


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