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I was swept away with the travel ideas and itineraries of those who are planning round the world adventures myself. I had so much fun with one which was centred around the idea of: “I remember…” then start writing. They blocked the path and the entrance to the street. Josh Brockbank is a freelance manuscript assessor with a track record in novels and memoir.

The prompt I chose was “Once, I got lost…” I wrote this piece in long hand in my study journal and I wanted to share it here. Lunchtime had come around and my writing class had dispersed like ravens into the sky. He has a BA in Journalism and has worked as a journalist for The Westender and Brisbane Arts Guide.

The Junior Writers Master Class will inspire and equip participants to become better creative writers and story tellers.

There are eight self paced modules all focusing on a different topic and packed full of engaging and challenges activities.

The traffic hummed with cars, taxis and double-decker sight-seeing buses. He’s passionate about writing and teaching too, and loves Crime Fiction, Realism and Magical Realism.

Even in the overcast grey of the day, tourists sat on the top deck clicking with their camera phones. Geneve Flynn is a freelance editor with a love of speculative fiction.It was the kind of course that niggles at your imagination and helps you develop the understanding needed to go away and playfully create on your own. My hands shook and I had to write a scene for my novel.We did a free writing exercise and I was sitting there penning my thoughts on the paper and giggling like a crazy person because I was having so much fun with the character that danced into my imagination. I clutched my phone, turned and rant to the back of the church, praying for a way out. It took all my focus to compartmentalise the experience I’d just had and do the writing exercise instead.However, when I have attempted to write short fiction, my stories have blown out into massive ideas and I have struggled to contain them.Both of my current novel manuscripts are in various stages of editing and rewriting and it’s a long journey writing a novel. When I wrote that piece, my heart tripped just as fast in my chest as it had the day that I’d been alone in that cemetery.I like to compare writing a novel to running a marathon. I have learned that if I sprint, I burn out too soon and hit the wall. It was my first trip to Oxford and I’d been having a great time, but I wanted some alone time.Yet, in between writing and rewriting scenes, deepening characters and depositing theme into my stories, I like to explore other types of writing and see where it takes me. That day, I chose to wander on my own and even if they two men meant no harm, the experience still gave me a fright.Short story writing is a true art as far as I am concerned. From time to time I have taken dreams (and nightmares) I’ve had and written them into short stories, but they always felt half formed. So, I’ve stuck with writing long novels – , because I understand long fiction.It’s economical, punchy and a great way to polish up fiction writing skills. That’s kind of silly since both short and long fiction have similar building blocks and writing elements.A little lonely, I wandered down a side street admiring the old homes. She loves helping writers craft characters and stories that resonate with their readers.I notices a security camera over a front door and thought nothing of it. A right turn and down the lane a tiny church sat hunched over itself, surrounded by crooked grave stones with weather worn epitaphs. Tall trees loomed over the graves and I wandered down the winding path, snapping photos for my memory files. And, very exciting, she’s been taught by Fiona Mc Intosh (who is one of my favourite Australian authors). He’s also a judge for the Writers of the Future competition, and he’s been a green light analyst for Hollywood movies as well as a story consultant in the games industry.


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