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They’re either loved or hated, but there’s no denying that Huff Po is a big player, possibly one of the biggest websites ever made, and they want you to turn your personal experience into essays. Not even a penny, which I’ve always found a little weird. A fairly large site, but not so large that they are completely unapproachable. Being published on Tin House is something every writer needs to tick off their bucket list, but don’t even think about writing over 10,000 words for them.

destination for writers of all pedigrees – looking at their testimonials will make your head spin. It will be worth the wait, though – the community is great. Bear in mind that they’re , so you may have to be patient with your submission.

It’s essential that you have experience of life in the 50s or earlier that you want to turn into a personal essay for them. They are extremely particular about what they publish and aren’t after your opinions, but if you can bring them a breaking news story, they’ll be listening.

As you might be able to guess, Good Old Days love nostalgia. They thrive on giving chances to those who may never get them, so your personal essay could fit in well here. Not for general submissions (yet), but they do hold five contests a year with three of them having $1000 prizes. A massive entertainment and technology website that certainly doesn’t accept half-measures.

You need to find somewhere to submit your writing online. Another pillar of the online writing community, The Legendary regularly publishes some superb underground poetry and other interesting features. They also hold two contests with massive cash incentives: $1500 for winning fiction and $1000 for winning poetry. As dedicated a team of editors and writers that you will find on the ol’ WWW, Drunk Monkeys are constantly working to promote and spotlight emerging excellence in the field of writing, including poetry. It’s essentially open house, so if you have something odd or a masterpiece to unveil, they will be happy to receive your submission. If you can convey your narrative in under 750 words or less, you have a brilliant community to become a part of. It’ll be worth the wait when those doors open again, though. A rate depending on the commercial prospects and quality of your submission. Always looking for new talent, this celebrated literary journal will pass the 15-year mark since launch in 2017. They’re huge, so be aware that you might not be successful.

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The online writing community is bigger and better than ever before; one Google search later and you could find your new literary home. Due to demand, their submissions aren’t always open. No, but they work their fingers to the bone until they think you’ve been promoted properly. Probably place online where poets congregate to discuss, dissect, and create. A Canadian publication, but they know that writing talent doesn’t have borders, so submissions are open to all. Well, they have a name that sort of explains everything. Literary anarchists; they aren’t seeking traditional prose. Exhibitors of the wacky and strange, Crazyhorse is one of the most accepting literary magazines out there for short stories – there really aren’t many restrictions with what theme or form your submission can take. Both seasoned writers and burgeoning newcomers are welcomed. They’re about, and always have been, finding new talent and helping them to capture the attention of new audiences. Massively popular, Bustle boast over a million fans on Facebook alone, so you can expect they receive their fair share of submissions, too. The website is full of heartwarming and heartbreaking tales in equal measure. A couple of things to note before we jump right in:1. They’ve just released issue 85 of their magazine with them publishing at least three magazines per year. Keep it tight at around 4000 words and the editors will be your new best friends. This isn’t a comprehensive list, so you’re welcome to add a comment with your suggestions. Some of these websites operate seasonally, which means that they might not accept your submission at this point in time. 7500 words is the maximum, but you can send them an email to justify your story if it exceeds that. Pretty well considering – a maximum of at a rate of 5 cents per word. Evil geniuses: they only publish one short story roughly every month with a massive amount of money going to the published writer. It’s filled to the brim with handy tips and guides for writers of all experiences and pedigrees – there’s bound to be something on there that can take your work to the next level. A popular website for writers, by writers (hey, that sounds familiar). They also love interviews and discussions about freelance writing. Yes, but you might want to put the extra effort into writing something extraordinary. We’ve also excluded the biggest names for literary (poetry, short stories) submissions because it’s a little arbitrary to list The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and so on. Your odds may not be high with this publication, which is why you should probably get around to writing your sooner rather than later. Without further ado, here are the best websites for you to submit your writing to, whether it’s heartfelt poetry or a listicle on the best Adam Sandler movies. Only one of the oldest poetry magazines in the world. They haven’t been around for all that long, but they have the talent and community to become one of the world’s biggest websites and they certainly aren’t far off joining the elite, either. You name it, they will make a list out of it, but they expect nothing but quality on whatever topic you’re covering, whether it’s the best cheese in Holland or the worst impersonations of Sylvester Stallone. Their contributor program is a little complicated, but if you can stick to it, you can earn some decent money. There’s no guarantee that you will hit those figures with your own listicle, but who’s to say you won’t come close? A titan of the list world that never seems to run out of content ideas. The Richest have an impressive scope of topics they cover, which means that it’s highly likely there will be something for you to write about. One of their most popular articles has close to 50 million views, which isn’t too bad at all. A sports-centric listicle website with a lot of content to give to pro wrestling fans. You better go back and start watching some Royal Rumbles because wrestling lists are the bread and butter for these guys.


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