Critical And Logical Thinking

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However, the terms are clearly and thoroughly explained within the text, more see less The text covers all the relevant technical aspects of introductory logic and critical thinking, and covers them well.This is an excellent introductory (first-year) Logic and Critical Thinking textbook.

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The topics in the textbook are presented in a logical and clear fashion.

The structure of the chapters are such that it is not necessary to have to follow the chapters in their sequential order, and coverage of material can be adapted to individual instructor's preferences.

Also, the text is very American specific with many examples from and for an American audience.

More diversity, especially in the examples, would be appropriate and appreciated.

The discipline often uses multiple terms for the same concept, but this text avoids that trap nicely. Since there are only four chapters, those chapters include large blocks of information.

However, the chapters themselves are very well delineated and could be easily broken up so that parts could be left out or covered in a different order from the text.

The PDF Table of Contents does not include links or page numbers which would be very helpful for navigation.

Other than that, the text was very easy to navigate.

These topics are likely better broached in manageable snippets rather than hefty single chapters.

The ideas addressed in Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking are accurate but at times notably political.


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