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Othello moves to solve his problems by using linear thinking.When Brabantio accuses Othello of using witchcraft to seduce Desdemona, Othello suggests that she be summoned to give evidence of their courtship.

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He admires and loves his dear wife very much, but he can't believe that she would be in love with him.

So Iago's crazy lies about Cassio just feed into Othello's self-doubt, to the point that Othello doesn't even believe the truth when he hears it.

As the date of the first performance of the drama goes to 1604, we can assume that it was written during the same year.

To some extent, events and the roles of the characters have been modified.

Her father appears to be a very controlling man, but she stands up to him.

It is revealed that he has previously warned Roderigo off his daughter: “My daughter is not for thee” She, having the choice of many a more suitable match, chooses a man despite his racial difference.The play gives equal focus to the two main characters, Othello and Iago, in such a way that it becomes almost difficult to students and critics to determine who is primarily responsible for this great set in a private world and focuses on the passions and personal lives of its major figures.The play exerts a 'relentless emotional grip' on its audience.Shakespeare has examined with great psychological complexity and depth the powerful feelings of love and hatred, jealousy and revenge.Many events shown in the novel have been omitted and others reformulated.New characters such as Brabantio, Roderigo, Montano and some others have been added to modulate the actions to incite interest in a new way. lago has been presented responsible for Cassio's disgrace, and at the same time lago's wife acts to assist her husband unknowingly forming the intricacy of the plot and also acts to resolve, the intrigue finally.She is resolute and tenacious in the face of adversity.She bids Othello do the sensible thing and ask Cassio how he obtained her handkerchief, but this is too rational for Othello, who has already ordered his murder.When he’s disturbed by the commotion during the celebration, Othello demands the witnesses identify those responsible, weighs the evidence, and metes out a punishment.When Iago accuses Desdemona of adultery, Othello asks for proof.


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