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He believed in a blind force that rules the universe and has no interest in human lives. 8 Farfrae is a respectable, educated, young Scotsman.3 a talk/speak b fair c rum d angry e wedding ring f sorry g wife and child h sailed for Canada 4–5 Open answers 6 a T b F c F d T e T f F g F 7 Possible answers: a … Newson has died and she does not want her daughter to grow up in poverty. He is in the corn business and intends to go to America because he has an invention that can cure bad corn.The best example of his naturalness is when Farfrae introduces the rowing machine.

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He thinks there is more chance of developing this invention in America.

His conversation is amusing, and when he sings about Scotland, Elizabeth-Jane realises that he has a ‘sensitive soul’.

Yet as the positive qualities of humans determine people's destiny, the negative attributes of people decide their own fate.

As the good brings success, the evil characteristics of mankind insure a life of unhappiness and suffering.

A person's intellect basically results in an enjoyable life and future.

Newson makes up a plan that if Susan "thinks me dead she'll go back to him, and the child will have a home" (285), this shows his love for Elizabeth-Jane and in turn guarantee him a good life.

The good qualities which a human holds leads to their future happiness.

Initially, a person who understands their natural area results in a happy lifestyle for them.

g False: Hardy stopped writing novels because of the reaction to Jude the Obscure.

h True i False: As an adult, Hardy did not believe in God. her mother cannot afford the hotel where they want to stay. he has a useful invention, and he thinks there is more chance of developing it in America. he wants Farfrae to stay, and he tells him many things about his past.


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