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Example Questions An overall score is provided showing the test taker’s percentile score against 5 key norm groups.Including UK General Population, Graduates, Development and Outplacement, Managers and Senior Management.The Watson-Glaser is drawn from a bank of questions, ensuring that no single form of the test can be copied and reproduced.

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Companies have turned to institutions like Pearson Assessments Limited to assist in keeping the process objective by providing additional ways to fairly assess potential employees.

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test has become one of the most popular pre-employment aptitude tests currently used during the hiring process.

Watson-Glaser can also be used in a development scenario alongside 360 Degree Feedback We welcome comment and feedback on our tests.

Ian Florance - a former competitor of ours - has given us his view of Watson-Glaser and why he chooses to both work with it and recommend it to others.

Saturated is one of the many words used to describe the job market in 2018.

While a greater pool of eligible candidates may sound like a blessing for employers, it has also made the employment process a lot more tedious.To view the 2013 predictive validity study for the Watson-Glaser click here.To read about how Watson-Glaser can be used, click here.Universities in recent times have also utilized the test to assess prospective postgraduate students.The test has been in use in the United States since the 1960s.Careful, analytical reasoning is an important part of nearly all management roles and is known to play an important part in a large range of occupations.Click here to read about how Oxera use the Watson-Glaser to recruit the best graduates.The test is designed to be an accurate measure of the candidate’s ability to: Research has indicated that the test is also a good way to measure a candidate’s creative thinking ability.The Watson-Glaser Test has five sections, each of which tests different abilities.Critical thinking is the ability to recognise that a problem exists and to look for evidence to solve it.It is the ability to assess this evidence in a logical way in order to determine new knowledge and direction.


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