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For that reason, they only wanted to hire supervisors who weren’t afraid to get dirty fixing things.(Personally, I thought there were surely better ways to determine my mechanical aptitude!I was questioned in rapid-fire fashion by a team of three people — and questions came so fast that I had little time to compose my answers.

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While one person might look to extract personal benefits in this case, the other person might work as usual with negligible impact on working relationships.

It’s an excellent question, if you are to judge a candidate on “professional ethics” and the ability to retain “confidential” information in their head.

They told me that since quick turnaround on their data entry jobs was critical to meeting their clients’ requirements, they couldn’t afford to have much down-time in their facility.

So when there were problems with any of their data-entry equipment, supervisors were supposed to try to resolve the issue without calling the vendor for repairs (and waiting for a field technician who might not arrive for hours).

I was applying to work as an English teacher for a nonprofit in the education industry and was being interviewed by the Program Director. It was a goofy answer, but the interviewer laughed and mentioned that he liked my creativity. Reason for Asking: By asking such burning questions and putting them in difficult situations, we wanted to judge the clarity of thoughts and honesty in their opinions.

Spontaneity is another factor under consideration in this case as taking a longer duration to answer enhances the odds of giving “framed answers.” Reason for Asking: This question can reveal multiple insights about a professional whether it’s their integrity, honesty, work ethics or the value system.Then you take out the ingredients: 3 eggs, oil/butter, cheese, chopped bell peppers, chopped mushrooms, and chopped bacon (Of course these ingredients are optional and interchangeable).Place the pan on the stove, and the butter/oil in the pan.There would be some jelly beans left, so I’d then hire a crew, in full hazmat outfits (just to drive the sanitary point home), to clean up the rest of the jelly beans.Years ago, after completing a business-related master’s degree, I interviewed for a supervisory position at a firm that specialized in data entry jobs for nearby auto-parts manufacturers who required quick turnarounds.Answering in negative, on the other hand, is the sign of an individual who believes in fairness and giving credit to the deserving people.Reason for Asking: We asked this to check how efficiently can a person demarcate personal and professional boundaries.My response was that I would hire 2 cranes and put one on each side of the plane.I’d buy big inflatable pools and put them under each exit on the plane.) was thinking when the unusual question was asked. : The answers included some basic responses such as erasing, but I was really surprised by some of the other responses.One of the candidates we ended up hiring said A tool to pick the earwax out of your headphones after you’ve used them which I thought was so honest and funny (come on, most of us have done it! It’s a nice break from traditional accounting questions and also shows how well candidates can think on their feet.


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