Critical Thinking Workshops

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This is how critical thinking becomes an applied skill rather than an academic exercise.

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Leadership agility, adaptability and critical thinking are now required skills if organizations are to succeed in today’s competitive landscape Leaders must make continuous shifts in people, process, technology, and structure.

This requires critical thinking, flexibility and quickness in decision making.

(Note: Faculty members who have completed the FYS Faculty Development Institute are approved to teach CT courses; no further training is necessary.) The CTL offers one face-to-face workshop and one online workshop per semester.

In these workshops, participants modify, or create, a course to meet the CT criteria.

By applying a critical thinking approach you will be able to analyze problems effectively and develop successful solutions. Our ICI workshops are registered for the French "Convention de Formation Professionelle".

ICI Alumni: former participants of ICI certificates, workshops or conferences (10% discount)SLA members: members of the special library association's competitive intelligence division (10% discount)Multiple workshops or multiple attendees: 10% discount for 2nd, 3rd, … French participants may arrange for their training with ICI to be funded through their CPF (Compte Professionel de Formation).

Employees can no longer rely on others to make key decisions.

They often must make them on their own, and quickly.

This makes Critical Thinking a very crucial skill to succeed in this volatile environment.

Critical Thinking is the ability to take information and make informed decisions without being influenced by your own opinions.


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