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Eventually, however, Matthew denies having been present at the robbery, turning his back on his cousin and friend.

The third young man present at the attempted robbery of Arthur Jarvis’s house.

Stephen Kumalo’s sister & the original reason for his trip to Johannesburg.

Gertrude, twenty-five years younger than Kumalo & living in Johannesburg, is easily influenced. Lithebe is an Msutu woman who lives in Sophiatown & takes in boarders, especially priests.

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According to Absalom’s testimony, Pafuri is the ringleader of the group, deciding the time of the robbery & having his weapon “blessed” to give them good luck. Chapter 1 In the hilly South African province of Natal, a lovely road winds its way up from the village of Ixopo to Carisbrooke, a journey of seven miles.

An acquaintance of Father Vincent’s who becomes Absalom’s lawyer. This misty vantage point looks out over one of the fairest valleys of Africa, where the native birds sing and the grass is dense and green.

When he first appears in the novel, Jarvis is a relatively conservative farmer and a man of few words the tragic news that his only son, Arthur, has been murdered leads him to Johannesburg, where he begins to rethink his opinions and his relationship to the villagers that live below his farm. A tall, young minister at the Mission House in Sophiatown, Msimangu has an acute understanding of the problems that face South Africa.

He helps Kumalo understand the people and places that they encounter, & is unfailingly sympathetic to Kumalo, making Kumalo’s quest his top priority.


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