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The Groups panel is located on the right hand side of the Crystal Reports window.

It shares the side panel area with Parameters and Find.

Crystal is a user-friendly database reporting tool that allows users to visually create reports and change them to virtually any format imaginable.

This allows users with little to no knowledge of SQL or databases to quickly create, distribute, and analyze reports from virtually any data source.

For reports that we export to PDF format, when we choose the 'create bookmarks from group tree' option, the groups that are numeric format use the system default and not the report format assigned.

We have installed the same version of Crystal on the server and modified the defaults there but it doesn't change anything.Create a job, add your reports and create an output on job level.Job level output will export all reports in the job to a single file.The data fields may not group the data the way that you need it to be presented, or you may just wish to group the data in a different way.For that reason, you can create your own groups in Crystal reports.So far in this article, we've learned to create groups that are based on a data field in your report.However, you may not want to group by any of the data fields in your report.The source reports and test database are also provided so that users can follow along with ease.To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.That said, we are going to take this section to show you the options available to you in Crystal Reports to help you better organize and present the data in your groups.This is fine, but it means that we have to go back to the first page to see the header.


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